VAT is one of the most important elements of running a business. In order to be successful, you need to keep the taxman happy – the HMRC have the power to make or break businesses.

If you need any VAT help in your business, our team of highly experienced finance solicitors at DPP Vincent Curley are on hand. We can help you with the following:

  • Appeals and reviews against VAT assessments and adverse decisions.
  • Advice in all technical areas of VAT.
  • VAT health checks. We can ensure businesses are VAT-compliant in order to avoid being issued with sudden VAT assessments and penalties in the future. We also look to identify any areas where there may be VAT savings.
  • Design beneficial partial exemption schemes.
  • Design beneficial retail schemes for larger retailers.
  • VAT Registration and de-registration queries.

Some businesses have more VAT issues than others. So depending on the size of your organisation, and what industry you’re in, the level of VAT complications will vary considerably.

VAT can get very complex. Some businesses and organisations that have increased tax-related difficulties include:

  • Land and property transactions.
  • VAT exempt supplies such as education, finance, cultural services, sporting entities such as golf clubs, etc. Such activities may restrict the recovery of related input VAT. Charities, as well as making exempt supplies, have the additional complication of non-business activities that will also impact on the recovery of input VAT.
  • The construction of buildings, including the construction of buildings for own use.

If your business needs a legal hand with the HMRC and VAT, call DPP Vincent Curley on 01327 340298 or email us here. Our team of finance lawyers have experience in a huge variety of industries, working alongside accountants and senior management to overcome VAT-related problems speedily and efficiently.