Due diligence is an important stage to assessing a business’s assets, liabilities and general health.

Due diligence investigations happen to all types of business, in various scenarios – from acquisitions, borrowing, mergers or other business relationships.

These examinations are a necessary part of establishing an idea of the future trading of a business. It is vital that legal support is acquired in these circumstances, as an informed decision based on the outcome carries a lot of importance.

Our team of specialists at Vincent Curley & Co Ltd have many years experience in carrying out and support due diligence investigations and examinations.

If your business is required to exercise due diligence, you may be demanded to carry out or supply the following:

  1. Independent due diligence.
  2. To both collect and independently verify information.
  3. To conduct site visits.
  4. To have in place contracts covering terms of trade.
  5. The need to have financial information about who you are dealing with.
  6. The need to update and have a programme in place of ongoing due diligence.
  7. The need for FITTED due diligence checks and risk profiles.

Effective due diligence provides you with evidence to fight your case if HMRC impose on you assessments and penalties.

Not carrying out proper due diligence is no longer an option. If you do not put this in place, HMRC officers have stated that they will take action against you.

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We have a partnership with The Due Diligence Exchange Ltd who supply extensive services to anyone requiring due diligence help and support.