Our professional advice and actions have produced substantial results for our clients. A few examples are:

• Excise warehouse approval revoked, two consignments of goods seized and excise/VAT assessments issued totalling £7.9 million pounds. Assessments withdrawn, warehouse approval restored and compensation being claimed for the seized goods.

• WOWGR registrations revoked and excise duty/VAT assessments totalling £3.2 million pounds in two other cases. Assessments withdrawn and WOWGR registrations re-instated in successful appeals.

• WOWGR registration revoked. Registrations re-instated following our representation in the review.

• Application for approval to become an excise bonded warehouse rejected? Application approved following our representations in the review.

• £3,139,648 VAT assessment on mobile phone transactions. Withdrawn in full.

• £4,144,397 VAT assessment disallowing input tax on an alcoholic drinks wholesaler. Withdrawn in full.

• £70,000 to £80,000 Annual VAT savings for a Charity arising as a result of our health check visit.

• Many seized heavy goods vehicles returned to their owners.

• £99,065 VAT assessment reduced to £6,990 on appeal.

• £890,719 VAT assessment on a chain of retail shops. Withdrawn in full.

• Criminal prosecution of a vehicle registration business dropped following our expert report for the defence Solicitors.

• £93,996 VAT assessment and £76,665 penalty on a restaurant settled, by agreement, for £10,000

• £11,423 VAT assessment and £7,800 penalty on a take away food business. Withdrawn in full.

• £9,000 restoration fee paid for return of an HGV. Restoration fee refunded following our representations.

• £263,432 VAT assessment on a business in the construction industry. Assessment settled, by agreement, for £132,895 following our representations over the liability of supplies.

• £27,600 Stamp Duty saved on a commercial property transaction following our advice.

• £97,363 VAT assessment. Withdrawn in full.

• Company threatened with a criminal investigation and an assessment of £70,000 in respect of road fuels. Case settled by way of a civil penalty and tax of £10,000.